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Restorative Dentistry

Get Your Smile Back

As much as we love seeing and catching up with all our patients, we understand the dental chair isn’t on the top of your list of places you’d like to be. That’s why we’ve invested in the latest technology to bring you the most advanced dental solutions on the market. Our CEREC® milling machine makes restorative dentistry super-fast and convenient, giving you more time to get back to the things that matter most. Our CEREC milling machine is one of our favorite pieces of technology in our office. CEREC technology allows us to take 3D digital images, fabricate, and place your restoration in a single visit.

Ready to settle into your lifetime dental home?

We are committed to staying on the cutting-edge of dental techniques and technology to bring our patients the most advanced dental solutions on the market. With a friendly smile and personalized patient care, Fuquay Family Dentistry provides a dental experience unlike any other.


Advanced milling technology creates restorations in a single visit

Some of you may remember the days when dental restorations were made of unsightly metal and required multiple appointments and a temporary restoration period. Lucky for our patients, those days are long gone with the use of beautiful tooth-colored porcelain and our high-tech same-day milling machine. In just one visit to your trusted family dentist in Fuquay-Varina, we can restore your smile to its beautiful form and function.

What many patients don’t realize is that replacing and restoring missing or damaged teeth is important not just for the health of the tooth itself, but for the health of your entire mouth. Restoring damaged teeth ensures the health of surrounding teeth and your bite. If you’ve been putting off getting a crown or bridge because you don’t want to endure multiple appointments and a temporary restoration period, you’re in luck!

Inlays & Onlays

If you have a large area of decay or breakage that’s too much to fix with a filling but doesn’t quite require a full crown, an inlay or onlay might be just the ticket.

  • Intermediate, conservative restorative option
  • No removal of healthy tooth structure
  • Replace old metal fillings with tooth-colored inlays/onlays
  • Can be completed in a single appointment

Same-Day Crowns

If you have a tooth that’s badly decayed or damaged and in need of repair, we can restore form and function quickly and easily with same-day crowns.

  • Digital impressions—no goop required
  • Tooth-colored crowns blend in seamlessly with natural teeth
  • No temporary restorations
  • No return appointments

Same-Day Bridges

Even tooth-replacement solutions like porcelain bridges can be designed, fabricated, and placed in a single visit with CEREC same-day technology.

  • Restore balance to your smile
  • Eat, speak, and smile comfortably again
  • No goopy impressions or temporaries
  • A beautiful, complete smile in a single appointment

Tooth-colored fillings & mercury filling removal for a seamless smile

A tooth-colored filling will restore your tooth to its beautiful form and function and stop the decay in its tracks. The most obvious benefit of tooth-colored fillings compared to metal fillings is that they are… can you guess? Tooth-colored! You can have a tooth filled discreetly, without the embarrassment of the glaring metal reminder every time you open your mouth. Tooth-colored fillings look natural and blend in seamlessly with the rest of your teeth.

If you still have remnants of old metal fillings lurking in your molars, we want you to know you’re not the only one—and we can help! We provide safe mercury filling removal from the comfort of your dental home. Old mercury fillings not only put a damper on the look of your smile, they may also be leaking trace amounts of mercury into your body that may have adverse effects on your overall health. We can safely remove them and replace them with modern, tooth-colored options.

Root canals save teeth

Root canals have earned a bad reputation over the years, but today they’re routine and usually no more uncomfortable than having a cavity filled. It’s actually the pain of an infection left untreated that’s worse than the root canal itself. Root canals are necessary when decay or infection has reached inside the tooth, so putting off a root canal could mean an extraction down the road. The root canal doesn’t sound so bad now, eh?

  • We use special instruments to create a small access hole in the tooth.
  • We carefully remove the infection and sterilize the chamber.
  • The chamber is filled to prevent further infection.
  • The tooth is restored to health and function with a new crown.

Root Canal Illustration

Denture options for every need & every budget

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that our teeth age just like we do. Thankfully, we live in a day and age where we can replace them to look and function just like your natural teeth. You’re in your golden age—you’ve accomplished your goals, you’ve created a beautiful family, it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the finer things in life. Your smile should be representative of a life well-lived, and it should be one your grandkids will remember for a lifetime.

We understand our patients’ hesitation when the time comes to start thinking about dentures. Popular culture and stories passed down tell us that dentures are a nightmare—they are clunky, messy, ill-fitting, and can pop out at any moment (particularly the most important ones). While this makes for great comedy sketches, thankfully it’s a far cry from the reality of dentures today. We have many denture options, including partial dentures, traditional full dentures, and implant-supported dentures.

All-On-4 Teeth In a Day Illustration

Implant-supported dentures

Once your dental implants have successfully healed and fused, we can use them to support and secure your dentures for the utmost stability. You’ll never have to worry about dentures that rock, slip, slide, or fall out of place. You can rest assured, with implant-supported dentures at your Fuquay-Varina dentists, you’ll never have to worry about your smile again.

  • Dental implants lock dentures in place for a secure, permanent solution.
  • No more messy adhesives or removing your dentures at night.
  • Enjoy crunchy, sticky, hard foods again without worrying about your dentures.
  • Stimulates healthy gums and a healthy jawbone.

Don’t wait until tomorrow.

If you are thinking about restoring your smile or would like to schedule a consultation with your Fuquay-Varina restorative dentist, Dr. McCormick, Dr. Meunier, or Dr. Adams at Fuquay Family Dentistry, please contact our office today. If you live in Holly Springs, our office is only ten minutes away, and you can schedule your appointment online for your convenience!


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