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Discreet Teeth Straightening

Deciding to straighten your teeth should not be something to be embarrassed about. Until recent years, however, it was pretty much a guarantee—brace face, metal mouth, train tracks, cheese grater, tinsel teeth, we’ve heard them all. With average treatment times of a couple of years, it’s no wonder so many of our patients have avoided orthodontics altogether. Thankfully, at Fuquay Family Dentistry, we offer some of the most advanced, most patient-requested discreet and short-term orthodontic solutions.

Ready to settle into your lifetime dental home?

We are committed to staying on the cutting-edge of dental techniques and technology to bring our patients the most advanced dental solutions on the market. With a friendly smile and personalized patient care, Fuquay Family Dentistry provides a dental experience unlike any other.


You don’t have to settle for metal braces & lengthy treatment times

Orthodontics have come a long way in recent years. While traditional metal braces are still considered “the gold standard” for correcting the widest variety of alignment and bite problems, there are now many alternatives that can achieve the same beautiful results—without the metallics!

With modern orthodontics, straightening your teeth does not require any extra embarrassment about your smile, and it does not require you to put your life on hold. Let your smile shine through treatment with our clear aligner therapy and short-term orthodontics!

Six Month Smiles

Primary Benefit

Clear brackets and tooth-colored wires blend in with natural teeth, and average treatment times are only six months!

Additional benefits of Six Month Smiles® include:

  • Popular cosmetic orthodontic solution
  • Quick and common-sense teeth straightening
  • Lucid-Lok® brackets and tooth-colored wires are barely visible
  • Treatment times only a fraction of traditional braces

Invisalign® - The Clear Alternative to Braces

Primary Benefit

Clear aligners are virtually invisible, and Invisalign is backed by over 20 years of research and over 5 million smiles worldwide.

Additional benefits of Invisalign® include:

  • The world’s most advanced clear aligner system
  • Backed by over 900 patents with the world’s largest 3D-printing operation
  • Treatments completed up to 2x faster with weekly aligner changes
  • Additional compliance measures with Invisalign Teen®


Primary Benefit

Similar to Invisalign, ClearCorrect aligners are made in America in the heart of Texas and may cost less than the big brand name.

Additional benefits of ClearCorrect include:

  • Invisible teeth straightening without brackets and wires
  • Clear aligners are removable for ultimate convenience and comfort
  • Maintain diet and oral hygiene through treatment
  • Thousands of successful cases, straightening smiles discreetly since 2006

The benefits of a straight smile go far beyond aesthetics alone

When you look good, you feel good! Your confidence, happiness, and self-esteem will increase, and others will notice a difference in the way that you carry yourself. A straight, confident smile is a symbol of health, vitality, success, and happiness. You will begin to notice new doors of opportunity opening up all around you from your personal relationships to your scholastic or professional endeavors.

An added bonus and another reason to consider straightening your teeth is increased oral health. When teeth are straight, the gums fit better around the teeth, and teeth and gums are easier to keep clean and healthy. Teeth alignment also plays a big role in the health of your bite, which can have an impact on the function of your mouth and jaw joint. A straighter smile is a healthier smile!

A gal and her best friend

A Solution for Every Smile

Whether you suffer from excessive crowding and your teeth could use a little more space to breathe, or you have the opposite problem with spaces and gaps, we’re sure to have a solution for you. Maybe you have bite problems like overbite, underbite, or crossbite—we can help with that, too!

  • Straightening your teeth makes them easier to brush and floss so you can achieve your healthiest smile.
  • Fewer places for bacteria to hide lowers your risk for tooth decay and gum disease.
  • We may be able to minimize clenching and grinding by altering the points of contact to preserve your teeth.
  • Orthodontics can alleviate jaw tension which can prevent symptoms of TMJ including headaches and migraines.

Our doctors are general dentists providing orthodontic services from the comfort of your dental home.

Invisalign: Before & After

Don’t put off your best self.

If you have any questions about orthodontics or you’re ready to schedule a consultation with your Fuquay-Varina dentists, Dr. McCormick or Dr. Meunier at Fuquay Family Dentistry, give us a call today! We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your best smile and your best self.


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